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NPD - New Product Development


We love NPD - Get in touch to discuss your project ideas and find out how we can help. We are open to various ways of collaborating including Consulting, Co-founding, Investing etc. - Let's talk!


Our key differentiator is that we move at pace - we see no good reason why a MVP (minimum viable product) should not be brought to market within 3-6 months. We don't do committee's - we have a team of trusted designers, developers, producers etc. who we work with and who understand the quality that we expect.



Brand Consultancy


Let us bring our year's of Industry experience to your project. We have developed our own successful brands and know what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive drinks industry.

We have also worked for some of the biggest drinks companies in the world and understand the corporate environment - The Pro's & The Con's!

RTM Strategy


Building a great brand is one thing - selling it is another! - Let us develop a RTM (Route To Market) strategy with you. We have a network of Irish , European & International contacts who are always looking for great products to add to their portfolios!. 

Get in touch Here!



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